Our Mission

To increase access to drinking water and electrical facilities in rural and urban areas in the Central African Republic and in Central Africa.


SADEER has made effective and durable access to drinking water and electricity their priority and speciality, counting on an experienced and dynamic national and international team. SADEER is willing to consider all forms of collaboration with firms that work in the water and rural electrification sectors. SADEER is also collaborating with and listening to communities, villages, individuals, organisations and NGOs. SADEER leads its activities in accordance with directions envisaged by the government.


We are at your service in:  

  • drilling of boreholes and providing turn key equipped water points
  • supply of Volanta Afripump ®, (Bluepump),INDIA MK II, INDIA MK III, AFRIDEV manual water pumps, accessories and maintenance kits. Operating in depths of 1 - 100 metres
  • supply of geophysical instruments giving resistivity, Induced polarization (IP) and Self Potential (SP) data for geophysical surveys and positioning of waterwell boreholes
  • building of hydraulic and electrical works 
  • distribution of water and electricity in rural areas
  • providing sanitary facilities 
Pumps, water towers and water distribution networks can be designed and constructed according to your needs.

In an endeavour to provide our clients with a complete service, SADEER developed a borehole and water point management, maintenance and rehabilitation service.

Africa Pump SADEER   Boode Borehole PVC Casing and ScreeningINDIA MK IIAFRIDEV

Mobile Drilling rigs

Trailer mounted mobile drilling rig up to 200 metres

SADEER with environmentally and socially sensitive drilling partner E. Global Drilling Corp. provide water well drilling services with a fleet of highly mobile water well rigs capable of drilling up to depths of 200 metres.

Trailer mounted drilling rig specifications:
  • Mobile and light
  • Completely hydraulic
  • DTH and Rotary Drilling
  • Water well drilling to depths in excess of 200 meters
  • 4″ - 8 ″ drilling diameter
  • Independent rig engine mounted on board a 4 wheel double axel trailer.
Support a well drilling or water point rehabilitation

Companies, NGOs or individuals can either decide to sponsor a new borehole drilling, the rehabilitation of an existing water point, or to support a specific project. 

Our zone of intervention stretches over Central Africa. For more information on any of these possibilities, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Development information

United Nations Millennium objectives for development: Reduce by half, by 2015, the percentage of the  population not having permanent and lasting access to drinking water and electricity.